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What is Dust?

Dust : The Abandoned Land is a multiplayer real-time survival roguelike that takes place in a large procedurally generated world populated with wildlife, dangerous creatures and other NPC humans (e.g. other survivors, military, bandits). You, a regular citizen, and like all the other survivors, need to sleep, eat, drink, fight for survival, but also trust the right people and help each others.


News & Releases

Dust Version 0.2.0
February 22nd, 2020
Dust v0.2.0 adds support for the mouse for aiming and in menus (e.g. inventory, crating). This makes the game feel more reactive and more familiar to many players (Cogmind + mouse, Terraria, CS, etc. :) ). The release also re-balances some mechanics and solves a couple of bugs (see change logs).

- Support for the mouse for aiming and in menus. The wheel changes the item in hand.
- Move slower when moving backward.
- Display item / mob / terrain name by putting the mouse on top of it.
- Add icons in game menus.
- Adapt the game “game / screen pixel ratio” automatically. You can still control it manually.
- Still show the current tutorial message when a menu is open.
- Improve / re-balance the spawning rate and count of survivors, bandits, prisoners and military units in cities.
- Reduced the probability for someone to wake up when pick-pocketed from 50% to 25%.

- The game doesn't crash when looking at Polaroid pictures.
- Spider eggs can be destroyed with ranged weapons (e.g. guns).
- Survivors can equip backpacks.
- Survivors will store extra ranged weapons in the base for their teammates to take.
- Survivors won’t keep large stacks of items of the same type in the inventory. Instead, survivors will only keep a small amount (depending on the item) and store the others in the base.
Dust Version 0.1.2
January 2nd, 2020
This release makes the character control easier, fixes a couple of bugs, and introduce a few new items.

- Aiming controls are set from the point of view of the camera when throwing an object (and not from the point of view of the character).
- Propose to drop the item in hand on the floor when equipping an item and the currently equipped item does not fit in the inventory.
- Rebalance poison, fire, hunger and thirst damages.
- Rebalance sleep and healing. Healing only happen when sleeping.
- Optimize game code.
- Towels can be cut in rags.
- Soap poisons slugs.
- Update melee and ranged combat controls: Freeze direction while loading and unloading a blow. Faster blow release. Animation showing the range.
- New items: smoke bombs, broom, spear, camera consoles, remote camera, smoke gas.
- Gas blocks view.
- Show controller selection menu the first time the game runs.
- Holding a control is equivalent to repeatedly pressing it in the menus.
- Chat / console is triggered by the “delete” button (so “return” can be used to navigate menus).
- Explains why an item cannot be stored in the inventory (e.g. item to heavy).
- Failing to light-up a torch does not close the inventory.
- Can read books and consume items directly, without having to have it in the inventory.
- Show remaining charge of an item in the favorite bar (e.g. battery, torch charge, liquid, bullets).
- Throwing a lighted-up torch sets what it touches on fire (useful for spider webs).
- Enable the selection of controller every time the game starts.
- Instruction screen on the difference between using an item and interacting with the environment.
- Set the auto-aiming default button on the left trigger of the xbox controller.
- Display xbox button icons in the tutorial instructions when using a joystick.
- Make dummies destructible.

Bug Fixes
- The character keeps moving when pressing and releasing of both left and right controls (on a keyboard).
- Player can skip introduction with joystick.
- Characters don’t spawn in water.
- Character don’t spawn surrounded by enemies.
- Inventory menu don’t get stuck when the player drop the last equipped item.
- The character don’t keep on charging a blow when opening and closing inventory.
- Fix display damage bar of walls when surrounded by non visible blocks.
- Mouse work game menu.
- Can generate survivor groups with multiple members.
- Lone survivor can have keys.
- Tutorial don’t hide the inventory.
Dust Version 0.1.1
April 7th, 2019
New feature:
- Controls can be configured.
Dust Version 0.1.0
April 6th, 2019
First public release of Dust.

New features
- Everything :)

Launch of Dust and Dust’s Website

April 6th, 2019

Hello and welcome to the Dust : The Abandoned Land’s website :).

After four years of development, I am releasing the first version of “Dust : The Abandoned Land”. Dust is a multiplayer real-time roguelike where you try to survive in a post apocalyptic world filled with oversized insects. To do so, you will have to fight creatures and other survivors, and create/integrate/manage alliances.

Dust, like Build&Defend before it, started as an experiment on few new gameplay ideas. This includes for example the creatures/humans who are only aware of what they can see/hear (I mentioned this on the blog). Or the relations/collaboration/fight between the creatures (including you). Dust has, I hope, a very unique gameplay “flavor”

The game takes place in a large procedurally generated world populated with wildlife, dangerous creatures and other NPC humans (e.g. other survivors, military, bandits). The terrain is entirely constructible/destructible and might feel like a sandbox (once you get strong enough weapons).

Dust is still in its early stages of development and many ideas remain to be implemented or polished (e.g. online multiplayers, specific events, locations and encounters), but as of today, the game is playable and I think entertaining.

I am concluding this post by hoping that you will enjoy discovering and playing Dust. And, at the same time, and if you feel motivated, I hope you will send me feedbacks to help me improve the game :).

The game is free and is available on Window, Linux and MacOs. You can play it alone or in split-screen multiplayer (online multiplayer is still experimental). Finally, here is a trailer (100% of real gameplay) that I hope will give you the wish to play :)