You wake up in a post-apocalyptic world...

Dust is a multiplayer real-time survival roguelike taking place in a world filled with creatures, robots, bandits, survivors, and remains of military groups.

The wilderness

Nights in forests are cold but safer than in cities. Foraging and hunting is a great way to survive during the first days.

Abandoned buildings

Valuable tools, weapons, crafting material and food can be found in abandoned houses, shops and facilities.

Other survivors

People show the best and the worst of them in difficult times. Some survivors will help you, or even accept your in their group. Some other will try to rob you.


You don't have to take part in all the fights. Sometimes, it is better to hold back and wait for things to calm down.


Enemies come in large variety and should be approached accordingly.

The best equipment

The right weapon are the right time is the difference between death and life.