What is "Dust"?

"Dust : The Abandoned Land" is a real time rogue-like developed as a hobby.

What is the game's objective?

Surviving. Your should probably start by finding or crafting some tools (e.g. an axe), a backpack, something to eat, drink, and a shelter for the night.

How to I run this .jar file?

Jar is Java archive that contains the game binary. Make sure Java is installer on your computer, and then, double-clicking on the .jar file should work. See the Installing Java section for more details.

I keep dying right at the start of the game (Not really a question)

Run (using the "sprint" button). Dust is as much as how to fight as it is to avoid fighting.

I died. What now?

Dust implements Permadeath: When you die, the game is over. However, you can create a new character in the same word, and possibly find your corpse (if you are lucky).

In a future version, you will be able to clone yourself in the research laboratory, and use your clone to continue playing.